BioChar Merchants


Use Biochar or 

Horticultural Charcoal

to produce healthier plants & higher yields.


The finest soil organic amendment known.

Biochar is produced by the thermal reduction(pyrolysis) of biomass resulting  in charcoal.

Soils amended with Biochar will retain more fertilizers & nitrogen in the soils of your garden & lawn with less of it running off into ponds, creeks, streams and rivers.

BIOCHAR amended soils also require less watering than those without it.

The pores in the charcoal are a haven for microbe activity.

Treat grape plants with mixture of char + compost (google ‘biochar + vineyards’ for the article).

Reduce mold and mildew on roses and tomatoes.

Biochar is the ‘essence’ of terra preta.  It is permanent – lasting many hundreds of years in soils.

MIX one part Biochar with three parts manure, compost, compost tea, worm casings, peat, and/or other organic materials & fertilizers.  Apply liberally in transplant holes or use as top dressings along the drip line of perennials.  Remember:  biochar is a soil amendment – not a fertilizer.  5-10 tons per acre on turf applications – best after aerating or thatching or under sod.

Sequester Carbon/reduce greenhouse gases.   Substitute biochar for vermiculite.

OUR brand Biochar is produced from 100% pure, hardwood feedstock……nothing else.  See two great videos – both available on youtube:  ‘Promise of Biochar’ and ‘Secret of El Dorado’.

OUR brand biochar is available by the bag (on ebay,too), the ton and the truck-load.

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